Hi, I'm John.

Me, +/- a few decades

You've (somehow) managed to stumble upon my dark corner of the internet1.

I've enjoyed tinkering with computers and their code since discovering I could alter variable values in GORILLA.BAS on my dad's work computer to imbue the thrown bananas with enough explosive power to level the entire city. I thought, "hey, that's neat," and then spent much of my childhood free time learning how else I could bend computers to my will.

Once I grew up2, I found a career in system administration, and I leveraged my passion for coding to write scripts to help manage systems more efficiently. While managing a global-scale VMware environment, I was tasked with implementing vRealize Automation (now called "Aria Automation"). I didn't realize it at the time but that was the start of my DevOps transformation. I started thinking about infrastructure-as-code, and began using HashiCorp Packer and a CI/CD pipeline to automatically build fully-up-to-date VM templates on a weekly cadence.

I'm now part of a small platform engineering team within that same large corporation, focused on leveraging DevOps thinking and tools to help our internal customers modernize how they operate IT, build code, and ship products, while designing solutions to help them accomplish those goals. It's a great blend of my virtual infrastructure operations background, hobbyist development experience, and hunger for solving problems, and I really enjoy applying these skills to solve interesting challenges at scale.

On my off time, I tinker with new projects in my little homelab (and share some of those adventures here). I also help out on Google's product support forums as a Product Expert, where I support Pixel phones, earbuds, and watches, as well as Chromebooks (primarily with Linux-related queries). Helping users troubleshoot their issues scratches my problem-solving itch, and it keeps me connected with some really great like-minded tech enthusiasts.

On weekends, I race my daily-driven 2014 Subaru BRZ in local autocross events or wrench on my 1974 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia.

And in the free time I have left, I game on my Steam Deck.

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  1. Congrats? And also, thank you. ↩︎

  2. A bit. I'm still in the "fake it until you make" it phase of adulthood. ↩︎